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We are an advanced encryption-based cybersecurity network that is keen on providing top quality data privacy for businesses and individuals in Australia. Our security programs are designed to suffice companies with level-3 security while keeping the data easy to access for the authorized users.
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Our platform provides cloud storage for storing valuable management data for the companies making it easy to access from anywhere.

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Our high-security measures provide an encrypted security wall that protects the valuable information of a company from getting breaches by malwares and hackers.


Our level-3 security system protects your information from any type of present threat while constantly updating itself with the changes in the worldwide web.


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Here is an analysis of our platform as compared to the other cybersecurity tools used by the small businesses today. We provide the same level of security at all levels of business while making security affordable for small businesses as well.
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I would like to appreciate the entire team behind this security program that has been serving my company for over two years. We have never faced any issues with the security of our data throughout our plan and I wish that this relationship only gets healthier and secure.
Ben Dale
We have been using the Conglomorate for over a year now and I have never had an issue to report throughout this period. The data is always secure and easily accessible that has helped my team to work remotely without having to face any access issues.
Caitlyn Main
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7 Ways to Protect Your Data From Cybercrime

The internet is becoming a part of your daily lives now, and our personal space is slowly shrinking down to our rooms without any electronic devices. The Internet of Things is changing the way how the appliances at our homes will work. While being connected to the internet and listening to our commands, these devices and appliances are also vulnerable to cybercrime. Here is what we should do today to protect our data from today’s potential cybercrimes.

Know your installed OS

In case you are buying a new device or changing your operating system, you need to know about your OS and who is providing it. When you plan on changing the OS, you will need a booting device and some space on your hard drive. Before you choose another OS, make sure that it is compatible with your device. It should also have updates security to prevent hackers from breaching your data.


Keep the OS up to date.

Always update your OS whenever it prompts you to do that. The OS developers release updates that contain security patches that help protect your data from any new security threats. Keep your device up to date against any new malware.

Review the privacy settings

The developers work every day to upgrade the privacy and security settings on their devices. There are also several tools available that let you check your permission settings, like the MyPermissions app. These tools can help you clean out space on your device and remove any unwanted apps or files from the system.

Install antivirus and anti-spy software

Many software programs today offer antivirus and anti-spy tools in the same pack. However, the experts recommend having a multi-layered approach with different tools running side by side to identify and eliminate threats. There are no tools today that can provide 100% protection. That is why it is crucial to identify all the factors before choosing the right security programs for your system.

Install firewall

Every OS today provides a firewall that most of the computer professionals feel manageable for personal protection. There are also third-party options available in the market that provide a level higher protection that the businesses may need. If you are running a business, find a firewall program that can be adequate for your budget and company.


Choose the right browser

While the maximum number of people are using the Chrome browser today to explore the internet, there are many other alternatives available as well. Mozilla Firefox browser is popular among people because it provides add-on security to the users for safe browsing. Also, keep your browser up-to-date to update your browser security.

Have good passwords

Compromising your password easily is the biggest mistake you can do to lose your valuable information. It is important that you learn good password habits and keep updating your password. Have a good password strategy, which includes many things. Exclude any personal information that can be easily figured out by anyone, such as your phone number. Use passphrases instead of words. Limit each password to only one account. You can also use password management tools to keep track of your passwords or generate a random one.


The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Conference

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Conference will be back in 2017, bigger and better than ever.

In its third year, the Conference will again feature leading cyber security experts from Australia and abroad, to discuss the latest threats, mitigations and advances in cyber security.

Again the ACSC Conference will be one of the premier cyber security conferences of 2017 and will provide delegates, sponsors and exhibitors with an opportunity to forge collaborative partnerships.

What: Australian Cyber Security Centre Conference 2017
When: 14 – 16 March 2017
Where: National Convention Centre, Canberra
Who: CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, ICT Managers, ITSAs, ITSPs, IRAP Assessors, Researchers, Risk managers – anyone with an interest in cyber security or connected to the internet.

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