Conference Program

Note – subject to change.

Speakers and presentations will be added as they officially register.

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Tuesday 14 March

1800-1930 Welcome Reception and early registration
National Convention and Exhibition Centre

Wednesday 15 March

0850-0900 Welcome and Housekeeping
0900-0930 Plenary 1
0930-1000 Plenary 2
1000-1005 Change over
1005-1030 Awaiting official registration Domenico Perre
Hey Activity Directory got Some Honey?
Douglas Brown
Red Hat
Proven Zero Day – Mitigation & Detection Without Third-Party Tools
Sir Andrew Wurster
Mail Model: Making Email Analysis Sexy Again with AWS
Andre Fucs De Miranda
Macquarie Telecom
Logging at Scale: Doing More With Less
Awaiting official registration Glenn Maiden
The 10 things I hate about Cyber Security
Dr Vanessa Teague
University of Melbourne
Election Security
1030-1100  Morning Tea
1100-1155 Jessica Frazelle
Awaiting official registration Maarten
Van Horenbeeck

Incident Management at the Edge
Shaun Vlassis
Adam Shostack Trevor Jay
Red Hat
F/IR, & Loathing: Containers, Forensics, & Incident Response
David Lacey
Awaiting official registration
1155-1200 Change over
1200-1225 Awaiting official registration Paul Nevin
Using Deception for Proactive Defensive Cyber Operations
Awaiting official registration Florian Ruechel
The Web of Cloud: When Companies Interconnect
Oren Koriat
Check Point
Left to Their Own Devices
David Chatterton
A Devsecops Journey to Achieve Scale-Able Security & Compliance
Andre McGregor
& David Damato
Metrics That Matters: Risk Scoring Your Users and Systems
Joseph Yuen
Defence Science & Technology Group
Challenges in Military Cyber Threat Projection
1225-1330 Lunch
1330-1425 Wade Alcorn
Alcorn Group
Chris Eagle
Skool of Root
Ben Wilson
Exploit to Exfil – Emerging Techniques for Persistence, Lateral Movement
Catherine Pearce
Gaslighting with Honeypits & Mirages: Destroying Discovery to Deplete Attackers
Awaiting official registration Laura Bell
Debbie Fuzy
& Adam Janik
Australia Post
Ransomware Simulation – A Study in Augmenting Corporate Phishing Programs
Prof Angelos Keromytis
Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
1425-1430 Change over Change over
1430-1455 Dr Alana Maurushat
University of New
South Wales
Security Vulnerability Markets, Exploit Brokers & International Backdoors – Legal?
Chathura Abeydeera
State in the Dark
Awaiting official registration Awaiting official registration Arun Raghu
The Cloud Security Challenge
Michael Shatter
RSM Australia
Does your investment in security deliver value?
Awaiting official registration
1455-1525 Afternoon Tea
1525-1550 Lynn Moore
Department of Immigration & Border Protection
Aaron Hackworth

Awaiting official registration Sarah Brown (NATO) & Dhia Mahjoub (Opendns)
Investigating Rogue Hosting Providers from the Network and the Field
Ashley Deuble
(Griffith University)
and Tim Lane
(Southern Cross University)
Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing in the Australian Higher Education Sector
Awaiting official registration Alfonso De Gregorio
Vulnerabilities & Ethics – A Code of Ethics for the Private Sector
Awaiting official registration
1550-1555  Change Over  Change Over
1555-1650 Awaiting official registration Antti Kurittu
National Cyber
Security Centre Finland
Kirjuri – An Open-Source Digital Forensic Evidence Item Management Platform
Awaiting official registration Andrew Blaich
Mobile Espionage in the Wild: Pegasus & Nation-State Level Attacks
Kylie Peak
Independent Contractor
Dennis Moreau
Security Analytics & the Modern Datacentre – Addressing Security Complexity
Panel Session
1700-1800 Women Practitioner Networking Event
Gallery Foyer, National Convention Centre
1830-2300 ACSC Conference Dinner
QT Canberra


Thursday, 16 March

0850-0900 Day 2 Open
0900-0930 ACSC Leadership Panel
Royal Theatre
Josh Goldfarb
0930-0935 Change over
0935-1030 Awaiting official registration Abi Diarra
German Federal Criminal Police
Awaiting official registration Harsha Banawara & Jeff Farago
Schneider Electric USA
Securing the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ Supply Chain
Andre McGregor
& Chris Hallenbeck
Fighting Through Breach Fatigue
Joe Jarzombek
Software supply chain management: Reducing Attack Vectors and Enabling DevOps
Brett Williams
Carbon Black
Lurking in the V-Shadows
Awaiting official registration
1030-1100  Morning Tea
1100-1155 Kjell Christian Nilsen
Norwegian Health Network
Daniel Plohman
Informatik 4
Craig Davies
Cybersecurity Growth Centre
Phil Burdette
Kevin Manderson
BAE Systems
Responding to a Malware Outbreak
Murray Goldschmidt
Sense of Security
Advanced Security Automation for DevOps
Stephen Ridley &

Margaret Carlton Foss
Prof David Brumley
Carnegie Mellon University
Mayhem – Securing Off-The-Shelf Software
1155-1200 Change over Change over
1200-1225 Awaiting official registration Awaiting official registration Madeleine Dove
University of Canberra
Should Australia Introduce Online Self-Defence Laws
Simon Howard
ZX Security
The Future of Open Source Intelligence
Vern Boyle
Northrup Grumman
The Next Strategic Technology Advancement for Continued Allied Military Dominance
Awaiting official registration Awaiting official registration
1225-1330 Lunch
1330-1425 Patricia McMillan
Patricia McMillan
& Associates
Creating a Culture of Cyber Security
Peter Hannay
Edith Cowan University
Crime as a Service – An Examination of Darknet Service Offerings
Zoë Rose
Schillings Partners
Donald ‘Mac’ McCarthy

Awaiting official registration Oliver Reeves
Beyond Binary
Paul Black (Federation University) & Dr Arun Lakhotia (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Life after Yara
Dr Patrice Godefroid
Microsoft Research
1425-1430 Change over Change over
1430-1455 Awaiting official registration Awaiting official registration Ajoy Ghosh
Influencing Agency Behaviour by Insuring for Cyber Events
Kate Carruthers
University of New South Wales
Case Study: Implementing Data Governance & ISMS in a University
Oren Koriat
Check Point
Hummingbad, Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Mobile Malware Campaign
CERT Aus Dr Gideon Creech
University of New South Wales
Mitigating Control-Flow Hijack with Dereferenced Function Pointers
1455-1525 Afternoon Tea
1525-1620 Justin Myers
Awaiting official registration Timothy O’Sullivan
Defence Export Controls
Information Security Technology & Export Controls
Earl Carter
Cisco Talos
Driving Attacker Innovation: A Tale of Three Ransomware Variants
Frode Hommedal
The Cyber Threat Intelligence Matrix: An Attacker Eviction Red Pill
Awaiting official registration Christian Frichot
Panel Session
1620-1625  Change Over
1625-1700 Stéphane Lenco
(Security) Inception – changing the security image
1700-1705  Conference Close

Technical rating of presentations:

       = Very little technical knowledge required
⬣⬣    = Some technical knowledge is assumed
⬣⬣⬣ = Largely technical and/or detailed content aimed at technicians